May 22, 2024

The Top 15 Best Dog Products for Hard-Charging Pups


15. Orvis Dog Traveler’s Kit

In recent years, travel luggage makers have developed a number of so-called packing pods for humans. The small, stand-alone compartments are designed strategically to contain shirts, underwear, and other easy-to-jumble clothing within your larger piece of luggage. This canine travel system follows suit, neatly stores everything a dog needs for a weekend escape, including up to five pounds of food and crushable food and water bowls. Best of all, it’s lined with easy-to-clean and durable plastic. $70

lite liteb 2

14. Alite Boa Lite Harness

Whether you want Fido to stand out at the dog park (hello, waxed Kodra Nylon) or carry his own treats on short trail hikes (thanks to two roomy zip pockets), this harness and mini pack system fits the bill. Velcro straps allow for an adjustable fit and a flap opening below the top grab loop allows for fast access to poop bags. $65 


13. Redecker Double-Sided Beechwood Dog Brush

Redecker is one of the last-standing family-owned brush manufacturers in Germany and their beechwood dog brush shows their 75 years of experience. On one side, it has conditioning beechwood pins for unknotting and massaging, while on the other, boar hair helps smooth out your dog’s locks. Why beechwood? Its strength and abrasion-resistance. $29

Ruff Wear Product Shoot - SS12 d fa

12. D-Fa Float-Doggy

New Zealand-based dog gear maker D-Fa makes some of the most hardcore products for canines, from harnesses for avalanche rescue dogs to puffy jackets worthy of an Alaskan winter. Their durable Float-Doggy floatation vest features hinged foam segments for maximum mobility while still supporting him in the water. Tough Cordura Nylon construction provides rock-ready abrasion- resistance, and a handle on the back makes it easy to hoist yr soaked pup back into a boat. Available in four sizes. From $80

leash leash 2

11. Kaufmann Mercantile Latigo Leather Dog Leash

A saddler in the historic town of Roscoe Village, Ohio, handcrafts Kaufmann Mercantile’s leashes from vegetable-tanned leather. They’re six feet long, nearly an inch thick, and don’t contain any toxins associated with the chemical process of preparing most leathers. $48

filson_collar_brown filson

10. Filson Leather Dog Collar

Constructed from leather that was cut from the strongest part of the hide, this collar is built to withstand all manner of branch-brushing, mud-bogging, and tearing through the woods. A smooth finish keeps it soft  on your best friend’s coat and brass hardware keeps it classy. Bonus: it’ll only get softer (and better looking) as he breaks it in. $38

ruff leash ruff leash 2

9. Zee Dog Ruff Leash

This isn’t just another flashy nylon leash. It can handle up to 600 pounds of pull force-whoa, big boy!-and polyurethane at the base acts as a shock- absorber when you dog tries to test that limit. In your hand: a comfy Neoprene-lined handle. $30

tagg tracker tagg tracker

8. Tagg Pet Tracker

Attach the GPS-enabled Tracker to your dog’s collar and you can keep a virtual eye on his precise location from your computer or smartphone. The Tracker also sends you a text and email alerts if he strays beyond a preset zone. Bonus: the device also logs Fido’s daily activity, so you can make sure make sure he’s getting enough exercise. $100, $8 monthly service fee.

harness harness 2

7. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Camera Mount

Is mounting a GoPro on your pup a bit ridiculous? Sure. But there’s something to the idea of getting a dog’s-eye view of your favorite trial. This Kurgo harness, adapted from their standard walking harness, offers a chest and back mounting plates and clips in easily around your dog’s upper body. Comes in four sizes. (from $200). $35

crate crate 2

6. Orvis’s Folding Nylon Travel Crate

When it’s time to keep Rover contained, whether on long road trips or at the campsite, we reach for this sturdy collapsible crate. The lightweight steel frame (15-25 pounds, depending on size), wrapped in durable nylon canvas and mesh, breaks down and builds back up in under a minute. Nice: three zippered entry points (front, side, and top) make it easy to give your buddy a soothing scratch when he’s been cooped up for a long haul on the interstate. Available in three sizes. From $109

ruffwear ruffwear 2

5.  Ruffwear Quinzee Insulated Dog Jacket

This Synthetic-fill jacket is enough to keep most dogs toasty even when temperatures approach freezing. Constructed with an abrasion-resistant face fabric and highly reflective trim, it also packs down to the size of an apple inside its own pouch, making it perfect for backcountry camping. $85

orvis 2 orvis

4. Orvis Deluxe Microfiber Car Hammock Seat Protector

The best way to mitigate the shedding, slobber, and dirt in your backseat? A hammock.Orvis’s clips onto all four headrests to create a soft open-taco-shaped blanket for your pup that also prevents her from clambering up onto the center console. Rubbery micro-beads on the bottom keep the hammock in place while the microfiber top is easy to clean—just throw it in the wash. Two sizes. From $129

filson Filson_Reversible_filson_dog_coat_orange_acrylic_ten_mile_cloth_

3.  Filson Reversible Dog Coat with Blaze Orange

Heading out on a rainy walk in the woods? This light jacket sheds water thanks to an oil finish. And for walks at dusk—or during hunting season—it reverses to bright orange. Two wide Velcro closures make it easy to put on and take off while a moleskin collar makes it easy on your dog. $85

water water 2

2. Fishpond Westwater Dog Bed

Heavy-duty coated nylon below. Soft and cozy fleece on top. Removable inflatable liner. Take your dog car camping with this luxe bed and he may never want to go home. When you’re not using it, two compression straps keep it rolled tight for efficient storage.$90


1.  Dublin Dog Buddy Beacon

This headlamp-sized light will keep your pup safe at night, whether you’re out jogging city streets or letting him roam the campsite. Unlike the many lights that only clip on (and easily break off), the waterproof Buddy Beacon can be velcroed around a collar or harness and will stick with him as he charges through the brush or bounds across a stream. The super bright LED bulb, which can be seen from up to three miles away, toggles between steady on and flashing. $16.50