December 2, 2023

instagram DIY heart collage

Every once in a while a girl must decorate her room. This heart collage is a super cute and easy  display for your room so you can always look back at the good memories.  


    1. Things that you will need for it is a spirit level, double sided tape, measuring tape, pencil, and Instagram picture 4 by 4.
    2. Find a place on your wall where you want the heart collage to be.
    3. Then measure a 3ft wide (36inches) area across the wall. Next, mark where the 18 inches is for the middle of the heart
    4. Now measure vertically 3ft (36 inches) from the top of the heart and mark where the 18inches are.
    5. Using your double sided tape, put a piece of tape on the back of your pictures.
    6. Now, using your spirit level place one picture on the bottom of the heart (18inch mark). Then place your picture on top of the level to help place the pictures straight across.
    7. Line up 6 pictures above your first picture. making a total of 7 pictures lined up.
    8. Next add 2 pictures on each side of the 3 rows from the bottom.
    9. Add 1 picture to each side of the second row from the bottom.
    10. Then put 3 pictures on each side of the 4th row from the bottom.
    11. Add 4 pictures to each side of the 5th row from the bottom. Now repeat step 10 for rows 1 and 2 from the top.
    12. Then place 4 pictures above the top row starting from the sides, left to right, leaving a space in the center.
    13. Add 2 pictures above the middle squares in the previous row you added.

    Now have fun making this heart collage. 🙂