July 16, 2024

Free Game O.T.W



In this new free game the goal is simple, eat food particles and other players in the quest to become the biggest blob on the field.

Game mechanics:
the bigger you are the slower you move
press spacebar to divide into two smaller blobs. One half of you shoots forward quickly, use this trick to strike other players and eat them.
If you are divided you can recombine into one blob after a certain period of time has passed, the bigger your blobs the longer you have to wait before you can form into one blob again.
If you are smaller than the spikeballs then you can hide inside them for protection, but beware, if you are larger than a spikeball then touching it makes you burst into many tiny blobs.
You can’t eat or be eaten by players the exact same size as you
the servers are periodically reset.

Sadly, this game is blocked by school internet.