December 8, 2023

The South High Marching Band Kick Off



South High Marching Band directed by Jordan Brown and Ryan Doberer. Mr. Jordan Brown the band director started working at South High in 2013 but has worked at many other school’s band programs. Ryan Dober, the assistant band director, started to help and work with the band in 2014. After, the band lost Amanda Gimson another amazing assistant band director.

The South High Band will play for pre-game the National Anthem. The fight song as well as the schools “Alma Mater”.

“Show Me How You Burlesque” arranged by Jay Dawson will be the first song the South High Band will perform without sheet out music on September 11th, 2015. The band perform for “Titan Fest” August 29th, 2015, “Hey baby” in the parking lot then the half time show song. After the band got called into attention the “Titan Fight Song”.

“Cell Block Tango” arranged by Jason Wasson, performed by the Portage Northern Central Marching Band in 2013 had many intelligent performs on the field. They also even brought out their dance team with their flag team. South High Band will be Performing “Cell Block Tango” for their first performance on September 11th, 2015. They will have the song memorized, also they will have all steps on the field.

“Mambo” from “West Side Story” arranged by Tom Wallace will be the South High Marching Bands hardest piece. But it is coming along nicely. This piece is a challenge and will be even a challenge to put on the field but they are  able to do it.

“Hey baby” is one of the stand song and one of the pre-game songs. The words are pretty easy if you have not learned them I’ll teach you!

“Hey baby, I wanna know do you want to be my girl?”

“War” is another stand song favorite of the band. Especially for the tubas and trombone.

The words to this one is “You don’t want to go to war with (the school you go t0) don’t start no stuff there won’t be no stuff.”

This is one of the upcoming competitions. Neewollah is unique because its Halloween spelled backwards. It’s in Independence, Kansas which is about two hours from South High. Once the band gets there they first parade. After their long two mile march they get to walk around the fair and have fun. The band all has to be back all at a certain time and get ready to march for the competition. Once that is all over then everyone waits for the scores from the judges from these categories: “Best Of Class”, “Best In Your Band Size”, “Outstanding Drum Major”, “Outstanding Percussions Line”, “Grand Champion Of The Festival”, and “Marching in the Parade”.