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Who Is She: Taking Off In Life

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Throughout high school many students have problems. They have certain situations that are hard to handle. It seems like nobody understands the true definition of student, whether it’s having so many pages of homework, studying or sometimes even balancing your personal life with school life. In school you always hear about athletes or what people call the “popular” kids.  In reality, where do the academic students come in, will they also be recognized? Therefore, we are recognizing the following student:

Kyra Cunningham
Kyra Cunningham

The student chosen to be recognized is Kyra Cunningham selected because she is a outstanding student, hard working, and determined! As students you often struggle with personal problems, yet she has still managed to overcome it. Although Kyra was born into a generation that has had a lot of violence and overcome many obstacles, she wants to change that, saying “I am striving to give them what they couldn’t get.” She has accomplished many things such as being student class president for many consecutive years, maintaining a job since February of 2016 and keeping a high 4.0 GPA in all honor classes.

Kyra Cunningham
Kyra Cunningham

Kyra has many goals in life and for the future. Seeing herself as a successful niece, daughter and sister, she also wants to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, where she will be studying law for her Bachelor’s degree and working her way up to a Master’s. She wants to be the one on and by your side in the courtroom, fighting for you, your future defense attorney in-training. Kyra says “taking breaks” is the main key to success, pacing yourself and staying on top off things: working on school work and homework 5 days throughout the week and taking 2 days to prepare to do the same routine all over again.  Communicating with teachers and past teachers in her life also helps keep her ahead with school work.

This is a student who has goals in life, maintains a high GPA and knows that she will have a purpose in life. Living by her motto, “If YOU want it get it”, she sees herself going far in life, not only by building herself up to have a great career in life, but also by taking care of her family and living her dreams. Kyra Cunningham says if she could give the world words of encouragement, she’d say “Never let someone tell you, you can’t be nothing in life or let a mistake determine your life, let other’s negativity motivate you!” Yes being a student is hard but if you believe in yourself you can do anything. Kyra Cunningham is a wonderful, determined student who is taking off in life!

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