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The Gender Pay Gap

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Women’s rights have come a long way. Not long ago, women had little to no rights. With just a few discontent women in 1848, that would all change as The Women’s Rights Movement began.

Even today, hundreds of years later society still struggles with accepting women as equals. Women are almost half the work force and yet we still have the gender wage gap. The gender wage gap is “…the average difference between men’s and women’s aggregate hourly earnings…” as said by The European Commission. The gender wage gap is definitely real and theres no denying it. As of 2015, full-time working females made about 80 cents to every dollar a man made. That is a wage gap of about 20 percent. When calculating the pay gap, it really depends on how you measure it. The estimate that is most commonly used is based on the differences in annual earnings. For women of color, the pay gap is far worse. In 2015, IWPR (Institute for Women’s Policy Research) researched the wage gap of women. “Black women’s median annual earnings were just 63.3 percent of White men’s earnings, and Hispanic/Latina women earned 54.4 percent of what White men earned annually. Only Asian women, who earned 84.5 percent of what White men earned, fall above the 80 percent figure.” White women fall around the 75 percent range when being compared to white men. Discrimination against women is a huge factor in the gender wage gap. And generally, discrimination tends to be a leading cause of the gender wage gap.

No matter the job, experience, or education, women make less money then men. According to to The U.S. Department of Labor, “Decades of research shows a gender gap in pay even after factors like the kind of work performed and qualifications (education and experience) are taken into account.” Women don’t earn less because they choose to work in industries that pay less. It exists even if a man and a woman are working in the same industry. Women are just as capable as men in all fields.

Did you know, that men tend to earn more money the more children they have? And the more children a woman has, the more likely her wages will decrease. Working mothers are paid 7 to 14 percent less than working women without children. Studies show “that visibly pregnant women managers are judged as less committed to their jobs, less dependable, and less authoritative, but warmer, more emotional, and more irrational than otherwise equal women managers who are not visibly pregnant”. Some will even go as far to say, that women earn less because mothers choose to work less. The gender pay gap exists because of the wages women working  full-time earn. Washington post says “Moms may be more productive employees than women without children.”

These are just a few factors that contribute to the gender pay gap, and there are so many more. Women are capable. As stated by Dr. Pamela Coukos, “The pay gap isn’t a myth, it’s a reality – and it’s our job to fix it.”




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