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A Set Back For A Major Comeback!

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On Friday the 16th of September the football team South went against Garden City. So many cheered on the teams waiting on the outcome. The outcome of who would win in the end. South went on the field and put in work. Play after play they never gave up, sticking together as ONE team, and no matter what happened, in the end they always believed in one another!

Tyrekus Birch
Tyrekus Birch

These are players who are dedicated to their team and school! Out there being the best they can be! Having so many eyes on you is hard times. Wondering who’s watching you when you’re out their on the field! South scored 6-0! Being out on the field accomplishing many things!

Eventually in the game South fell behind Garden City 6-7! Most teams going from “We are going to win” to “Maybe not this time”. Although South was different they kept striving for what they wanted. The game was going play after play, the dance team coming out to get the game hype. Could that keep the players going? How did they feel out there on that field? What were they thinking? Did their heartbeat began to race or slow down? Both teams started to play even harder but then Garden City scored. Taking the lead even more 6-12, South then began to look at it as “This is a challenge that we will overcome!”


South High FB Team
South High FB Team

The Titans behind in score kept going, you could see many players facial expressions began to change. When the game had finally came to an end, the score was 6-21. Garden City had beat the Titans. Was it a loss? Wondering how the team felt as a whole. Did certain individuals feel like the loss was their fault? No, because in the end, the “loss” was a win! The Titan football team shows that this is a set back for a major comeback! 

The team not so much as using words but actions to show a true winner never looks at the outcome, but looks at what will come! This will not stop the Titans or slow them down! GO TITANS!

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