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Short Story / Poem OTW October 3-7

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It’s finally October! This month, all short stories / poems will be centered around what I believe to be the best holiday- Halloween. This week’s short story is A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner. This short story is pretty weird, the events are not in order. This story is about a woman, Emily Grierson. The story starts off at her funeral, at which everybody in town had attended. The men attended because they admired her. The women attended because they were curious. Emily had a very strange way of living. She and her father lived as if they were in the past. Before her father’s death, Emily had very high standards for her men, but after, she loses her high expectations. She begins to get friendly with a man named Homer Barron. Emily’s cousins visit the town, and gain a bad reputation. Everybody in the town agrees that the cousins should leave. During this time, Emily goes to the pharmacy and buys a poison, but tells nobody why she has bought it. Her neighbors believe that she is going to kill herself. Her relationship with Homer begins to get stronger, and there is even talk of marriage. Homer leaves Emily’s house to give the cousins time to leave. Three days after the cousins have left town, Homer came over to Emily’s house in the middle of the night, but was never seen again. Her behavior went back to how it had been before her father had died. The town began to complain about a strange smell coming from Emily’s house. However, the city council was unable to confront her about it. Instead, they send men to her house to spread lime around until the smell goes away. After this, Emily is never seen out of her house. After her funeral, the town’s people broke into her house to see why she had passed away. The door to her bedroom was locked. After kicking it open, The decaying body of Homer was found in Emily’s bed, with a head imprint on the pillow next to him. In the imprint was a ingle strand of Emily’s hair.

If you would like to read this story, you can read it here.

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