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What Makes Football Season… The BEST Season?

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Who doesn’t love football season? haha trick question everyone does. What’s not to love? There’s hunky football players, the crisp fall air, being surrounded my people with school spirit, watching the beautiful sunset, watching the game, cheerleaders, band, and half time show, the excitement of your team winning, the energy the team gives off preparing to destroy the other team, and so much more. I asked some football players and fans the question “what makes football season the best season” and this is what they said…

“Just the feeling you get knowing you’re not alone, you look to your left and to your right and see your brothers knowing they have the same mindset you do” -Kasdon Arehart,Player (grade 11).img_1236

“The rush you get watching the game and the feeling you get when you’re about to score. It makes cheering more fun because the excitement of the sport gives us a reason to cheer” -Alayna Gutierrez, Cheerleader (grade 10).img_9834

“It’s a time of the year that doesn’t compare to any other. The weather is changing and there’s no better way to experience it than Friday nights on the turf under the lights. The brotherhood between all of us on the team took time and effort to get to where it is, It’s just a time of year that everyone can enjoy and be a part of, theres nothing else like it” -Jariah Taylor, Player (grade 12)


“The weather is perfect, dressing up for the theme with your friends, yelling out cheers with the student section, jumping and shouting with the rush of a big play, and of course the Alma Mater after a win- i promise you, that’s when it sounds the best, not when it’s sang carefully in the perfect pitch but when it’s yelled with pride. All of that is why i love football”  -Taylin Fox, Fan (grade 12)img_9938

“Football games- of course, The hype before the games, the fans and the autumn air” -Evan Kruse, Player (grade 10)

It’s also homecoming season!! So we get to watch our peers get nominated to be king or queen, how cool is that.

king and queen
Tyrekus Birch & Kiaira Hutchins

Also who doesn’t love the band?? They’re most of the reason the student section is so hyped up.



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