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November’s Month-Long Observances

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November just started, and that means that it is Adoption Awareness Month, Menkes Awareness Month , National Novel Writing Month, Native American Indian Heritage Month, National Diabetes Awareness Month, and World Vegan Month. 

Adoption Awareness 

While all adoption problems are important, November is focused on helping children currently in foster care. During November, many people celebrate adoption in a positive way. Across the United States, there is many dinners, public awareness campaigns, and recruitment of new foster parents. During this month long event, anything that helps a child in need is a success-even if it is only one adoption.

ribbon for national adoption month
Ribbon for national adoption month

Menkes Awareness 

Menkes disease, also known as Menkes syndrome, is an X-linked recessive disorder that affects copper levels in the body. This leads to copper deficiency. This mostly happens to infants. Menkes affects about 1 in 100,000 to 250,000 newborns.

Menkes awareness ribbon

If you would like to contribute to the Menkes foundation, you can purchase merchandise here.

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month is used to encourage creative writing. On November 1st, all participants begin to work towards their goal of writing a 50,000 word novel by 11;59pm on November 30th.

National Novel Writing Month crest


Native American Indian Heritage Month

This month is also dedicated to Native American Heritage. Its purpose is to celebrate the diverse cultures of Native Americans. During this month long celebration, there are many things that Native Americans can partake in, such as lecture and book discussions, film festivals, and traditional dance performances. These celebrations take place all over the United States.

Traditional Native American men
Traditional Native American men

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes is a disease that affects a large amount of the population-over 29 million people are diagnosed with this disease in North America. This disease affects the body’s ability to produce enough or any insulin. This can be managed, however it can strike at any time. Diabetes can cause heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. During this month, the American Diabetes Association will showcase real life stories of people diagnosed with diabetes.

Jeri Clarks
Jeri Clark’s tattoo of the Diabetes ribbon re-imagined as a butterfly.

World Vegan Month

November 2016 is the 22nd annual World Vegan Month. Every November, the Vegan Society encourages as many people as they can to take part in their 30 Day Vegan Pledge. This celebration includes classes that can teach you to cook some of your favorite foods with a vegan twist, an Animal Rights parade, and a fancy dress party. If you’ve ever thought about going vegan, November is the perfect time to do so!

the Vegan Society logo
the Vegan Society logo

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