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Short Story/Poem OTW Nov 7-11

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This week’s short story/poem is To Build a Fire. This short story was written by Jack London.

In this story, A man from the Yukon is traveling with his husky. He is expecting to meet his friends by a mining trial by 6:00 am.  However, the man stops to start a fire. The man accidentally stepped onto thin ice, and broke through it. He fell into the freezing water, and soaked his lower legs and feet. The man angrily left the broken ice, and stopped under a tree to build the fire and dry off his clothes. This man was not very concerned with his safety, and he began to lose feeling from his hands and his lower legs down. After awhile, the gathered snow of the tree’s branches fell onto the fire, extinguishing it. The man then rebuilt the fire, burning himself in the process. While trying to remove a piece of moss from the growing flame, the man extinguished it once again. This caused the man to become even more angry. He then grabbed a hold of his dog, planning to kill it to use it’s carcass for food and warmth. He then realized that he cannot grab his knife to kill the poor dog, nor can he strangle it with his frozen hands. He then decided to run around the trail to hopefully gather warmth, but because of his freezing legs, he kept falling. After a few attempts to keep running, he gave up, and got hypothermia. This caused his death. The next day, the husky realized that his owner was dead, and left him for another campsite, one that would love the dog and provide him food.

If you have interest to read this story, you can read it here.

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