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Behind The Scenes: Tikrisha Fitzgerald

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Throughout life you think you know a person, but, do you really know them?

Getting to explore the true meaning of who a person is very important and special. Tikrisha Fitzgerald is a student at South. She is outgoing, has confidence and is very determined! She is a person who has made many accomplishments at a young age. Also managing to balance out school and her personal life. She has set many goals for herself and is doing many things to achieve them.

Tikrisha Fitzgerald
Tikrisha Fitzgerald

Some of her accomplishments include being student of the month multiple times in a row, being a straight A and B student, and more! Tikrisha, being the over achiever that she is, wants to later on become a pediatrician. Also wanting to graduate early, to start college and start her career. She wants to connect with others, and make a change. Wanting to make a change not just for herself, but for the world. Taking time to focus on school and maintaining to stay on task. She uses time management skills to stay on track!

Tikrisha although has been through many struggles in life. She doesn’t let anything stop her. Recently losing a cousin, she wants to make him proud.┬áIn the the loss of her loved one, she wasn’t handling it well. Tikrisha started not to do work at first, but finally realizing she need to remain tough! “To work harder, thinking he wants me to go on, not giving up!” she says.

Tikrisha Fitzgerald
Tikrisha Fitzgerald

So looking at this, do you truly know a person? Well now we know Tikrisha Fitzgerald! She is strong, a overcomer, and a person who has been through many struggles but is still yet making it!

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