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Lucas’s K-Corner! – Bi-Weekly K-Pop Obsessions & Reviews (12/04/2016-12/10/2016): INFINITE’s “The Eye”

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Promotional image for INFINITE's sixth mini-album, "Infinite Only" and title track, "The Eye".

For this week’s K-Corner!, I have chosen none other than my most recent obsession, INFINITE’s “태풍 The Eye”.  The song itself, released on September 19, 2016 in accordance with the release of the group’s sixth mini-album, Infinite Only is perhaps best described as a K-Pop ballad meets J-Pop dance track, modern in time (in reference to today’s popular fads and trends) but also intermingled with orchestral elements one might consider to be quite dated and classical.  The difference in sound is perhaps the most appealing aspect of the song, itself met with the quite accommodating choreography, in my opinion, offering an equally as fulfilling and sufficient alternative to some of the more recent releases by other K-Pop boy groups, such as EXO-CBX’s “Hey Mama!”.  The video itself is quite beautiful and enticing, especially with the intermingling clips of INFINITE’s disciplined choreography and the dramatic shots of heartbroken angst and anger by the members towards each other in reference to the song’s strong lyrical content; I for one am now most certainly a fan.  My baby, Sungjong’s (blonde; maknae) vocals are so smooth and angelic, partnered with his almost-inhuman beauty and agile momentum/movement, he is intent on keeping up the pace with his elder members and also holding his own.  Other favorite songs of mine include: 2015’s “Bad,” which is infamous among K-Pop fans, in part by variety show dancing, as well as, “Back” from the 2014 re-package of their second studio album, Season 2, entitled Be Back.

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