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Obscure February Holidays to Celebrate

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February is one of the few months with lesser important holidays. Sure, we do get to proclaim our love for our significant other on Valentines Day, honor our presidents and what they have done, and have a groundhog determine what season it is, but the shortest month of the year certainly has its own interesting holidays.


Feb 1st: Hula in the Coola Day

Most people are certainly sick of winter’s freezing cold days, so how do some people remedy this? By dressing up in their summer clothes and running out into the snow, just what any normal person would do! This day is normally celebrated by people in the northern states, where they hula in an attempt to pretend they’re in Hawaii.


Feb 12: National Lost Penny Day

Lost pennies are perhaps the most common form of lost money, but not exactly the most fretted over. On National Lost Penny Day, people hunt for lost pennies, flip pennies to make decisions, and buy penny candies.


Feb 20th: Hoodie-Hoo Day

Like Hula in the Coola Day, this day is to chase away any winter woes. However, unlike Hula in the Coola Day, you don’t need to show up in any tank tops or shorts to celebrate this holiday. All you have to do is go outside at noon, put your hands above your head, and exclaim “Hoodie-Hoo!”


Feb 28: Public Sleeping Day

For anyone who loves to catch some Z’s, this is the holiday for you. This is a golden opportunity to sleep on the bus, in a restaurant, or at work or school (note: sleeping at school or on the job is not recommended.)


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