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Movies That Will Blow Your Mind (SPOILERS)

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Interstellar- This movie doesn’t really need an explanation its all about what your mind perceives it as, but i love how mind blowing it is so i had to talk about it. Basically all throughout the movie subtle events unfold that seem to have no significance until the end when they reveal everything occurring in the beginning of the movie having to do with Murph was actually her father communicating with her from space… or a fifth dimension.. same thing. This information she later figured out when she was looking into what she thought was a ghost when she was younger. She started working for NASA trying to find another earth and how to get there, she realized the books falling and the watch twitching was in code and later came to the conclusion it was her father telling her what to do in the only way he could. So he somehow gets out of the black hole, floats in space for a while and a station finds him. When he wakes up he is 124 years old in what they call Cooper station which is basically earth in a space station orbiting saturn.

Inception- Now this movie you have to watch a couple times just to understand the concept. The movie itself is just a group of friends going in and out of what we think of as lucid dreams basically trying to convince people of certain things or getting information without the subject knowing anyone of them are involved. They all have a totem that lets them know they are awake and not in a dream, Cobb’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a top that spins endlessly if he is in a dream and falls if he is awake. In the ending Cobb goes down to what is called “Limbo” (where your mind can get stuck for years upon years) to save Saito but got distracted by his wife who died and wants him to stay with her. He knows she isn’t real so he doesn’t fall for it… or so he says. When they all wake up on the plane form all the levels of dreams everyone seems to make it. Cobb gets to go home to his family and finally see his kids faces but is it real? The camera pans over to the top spinning then goes black. So what everyone is wondering… DOES IT FALL? My explanation is that is does fall, he is awake, if he was in a dream he would’ve had to build that dream and any dream he builds his wife can find him but she doesn’t appear therefore it has to be real.

Black Swan- A movie about a young adult ballerina who lives with her mother. Now if you’re like me the movie seems normal at the beginning and everything seems sane. She is a tad odd but not more than the average person. Throughout the movie she becomes more and more timid and it seems to begin when she struggles to become the black swan for her lead role in Swan Lake. Her existing psychological issues with the stress and pressure makes her hallucinate… A LOT.  At the end white getting ready to dance for the audience she hallucinates stabling a competitor Lily who turned up knocking at her door congratulating her for act 1. So who did she stab you ask? she stabbed herself and ended up colapsing and possibly bleeding out. Whether she did or not depends on what anyone thinks for themselves.

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