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The Law of Attraction

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Now a lot of this might sound like some sort of hippie stuff that does really make total sense but hear me out. What is the Law of Attraction? Basically the Law of Attraction has everything to do with the mind. Whether you give off a positive energy or a negative energy, depends on whether you get positive or negative energy back. For instance, keeping a positive mindset and having an open mind will help in bringing you anything you want, but having a negative mindset might just be holding you back from everything you want. How it works is you have to think of something you want or want to achieve, next tell yourself and think to yourself constantly that you will get it or it will happen. It helps to meditate to videos or recordings that have to do with the law of attraction and it also helps to keep a journal talking about the things you want so they are official. Making sure you believe you can do it is a big part in how it turns out. Instead of looking at things from a sense of lack look at it with a sense of abundance. It is believed that the aura you give out is noticed and attracts people from that.











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