Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

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Scaring Or Caring?

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From the time we start school, whether its elementary, middle or high school, we face the struggles of trying to adapt to learning. Maybe trying to adapt after a long summer, or even a short spring break. Although questioning is the school system truly about learning or just passing?

With school being so overwhelming and students not understanding the concept of a subject, has anyone ever thought about how the students feel? Being afraid to raise your hand all because you can tell a teacher is becoming frustrated with you. Or maybe getting tired of hearing “Turn it in on time or your grade will drop and you wont pass my class” instead of “do you really understand it, need any help?”

We all know grades  are important but sometimes you have to understand students are trying. Students are starting to focus on passing rather than learning. Think about how many students aren’t actually doing the work, they’re just copying and cheating to get the grade they need to pass. So is education about passing or learning? how do you see it?

So do teachers, administrators, and the school system care? Seems like they’re doing more scaring then actually caring.

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