Next up to Bat : Life After Highschool

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Next up to Bat : Life After Highschool

Alex Foxworthy

Alex Foxworthy

Alex Foxworthy

Alex Foxworthy

Kadyn Kingsland in Collaboration with Tyler Anton, Copy/Design Editor, Reporter

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Kasdon Arehart, Jr.


Dalton Rose, Sr.

Last night, May 9th, the seniors on the baseball team played one of their last home baseball games. The varsity team played against Wichita High School West’s Pioneers.

Like always, this game was a double header. In between games, the seniors walked the field accompanied by their families.

Tyler Kasinger, Jr.

Unfortunately,  the Titans did not win. However, they did play with full effort and determination

Dylan Alexander, Sr.

Zach Grossnickle (right) and Ashley Dye

#2, pitcher, Dalton Rose

Dalton Rose and Coach Tafoya

#10, catcher, Dylan Alexander

Dylan Alexander (middle), his parents, and Coach Tafoya

#4, 3rd base, Alex Foxworthy

Alex Foxworthy and his parents

#8, 1st base, Tyler Mullen

Tyler Mullen and parents

#15 , right field, Tanner Yowell

Tanner Yowell

#11, 1st base, Ryan Loesing

Ryan Loesing and his parents

#17, outfield, Jared Clark

Jared Clark and family

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