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The student voice of Wichita High School South

Wichita South High Titan Pride Marching Band 2017-2018

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Neeowallah (2016) Practice before the field marching.

In Band you have to learn a lot of new things as a freshman, like marching, memorizing music, where your spot is supposed to be, and every single part of the drill. We have a lot of practice Thursday nights from 7-9 and band class is essentially band practice. We have competitions like Neeowallah which is probably the best part of the whole season. The uniforms may look goofy but we can have a lot of fun. At pep rally’s we have our own section and we play our pep band songs which are pretty fun; everybody gets excited and some almost all dance. And sometimes it gets annoying having to keep reviewing and practicing drills but in the end its worth it and we are the biggest band in USD 259 and we are dedicated it’s the second week and we got our marching opener and our first song on the field and I can say that it’s going to be amazing.
Pep rally’s are really loud, especially if you are in the band section and by the freshman, they were screaming at the top of their lungs. The only good part about that is that the band gets out earlier than the rest besides that it is REALLY loud and i could barley hear after that but i did have fun. The first home game was September 8th and we did really well even though the football team lost we still had fun and by the time the next home game comes around we will have a second song added to our halftime show.¬†


South High Marching band at K-State 2016.
Neeowallah 2016 Seniors 
Neeowallah after the Parade 2016
Marching in the Parade Neeowallah 2016
Field Marching Neeowallah 2016


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