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WHHS 2017-2018 Cheerleaders

Quanna Cronin, Reporter

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South High Spirit Squad

This year the Wichita South High School has combined their cheer and dance team into a spirit squad. This team is full of intelligence, beauty, helpfulness and spirit! With only 8 days of cheer camp and a few days of practice every other day at school, these girls are doing amazing! Majority of the girls are new to the team but they pick up quickly. Each and every one of them hold a high standard and never fail to really WOW the crowd. Indeed there is a time to be serious but they always find a way to god things up and make overtime a good time. They are a family and they make sure to keep everyone involved and having fun!


Their names are:

Anna Morgan (Senior)

Emani Wilder (senior)

Amani Johnson (senior)

Raven James (sophomore)

Athriess Adams-Smith (Senior)

Angelina Jacobson (Sophomore)

Coriaunna Little (Sophomore)

Quanna Cronin (Senior)

Aryiana Cooley (Senior)

Camille Love (Senior)

Emily Garcia (Senior)

Essence Allen (Senior)

Haleigh Logan (Junior)

JeMiya Bolden (Senior)

Justyn Smith (Senior)

Kambree Gallegos (Senior)

Kenzie Mock (Junior)

Alexus Lee (Senior)

Navy Chandler (Senior)

Nicolette Thomas (Senior)

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The student news site of Wichita High School South
WHHS 2017-2018 Cheerleaders