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What Will the Football Players do?

The football players have been working hard this year but how will the rest of the season turn out? students have spread their opinions.

Quanna Cronin, Reporter

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This years season of football could take a turn in any direction. Players on the team, cheerleaders, and the student section have been asked what their thoughts are on what the team has done so far. How do they believe it affects our future? What does the team need work on? What needs to be done differently? What is the team succeeding on?  How do you think the football team will perform in future games such as Homecoming? Some of the answers were negative and some were positive. Overall the results were clear, below are some of the students who have shared their opinions:


AJ Scales
“I think we are building on something and working toward our team goals, and it’s going to take time. So we call it a process and our future is bright, we just have to stay humble and dedicated and it Will pay off. My opinion on the game is if we go out and do our assignment and play like I know how we should we will come out on top.
Forget about me I love you states that we have each other back and we have to be willing to sacrifice our body for one of our teammates/brothers at any time and that’s how we work together to reach our goal because at the end of the day we are a family.”


Aryiana Cooley 

“I think our football team has been working as hard as they can. They are showing that they won’t let anything stop them from grinding. I believe that our team needs to work on their defensive line. The better the defense, the less the other team will score. On the other side, our offensive line is doing great and should continue on with that. They also have great team spirit and always keep each other lifted up. This weeks game will help the Titans Football team recover and they should be willing to work hard. Our team deserves a win just as any other team does. I would like to add that even though two of our teammates have been injured, that did not stop the team from pushing on and working hard! I think our team has great potential and our coaches are doing their very best to lead the team on to victory.”


Kasdon Arehart

“I feel like we still have a lot to improve on but we all trust the process and what coach Lopez is doing. The team needs to improve on having a more of a “we not me mentality”. Also focusing on our job. We expect a dub every week so this week shouldn’t be any different.”


Al Ward 

“I think we shouldn’t have changed our offense I think we were not prepared for it, and yeah, I think it’ll be better next year cause its the same offense and they’ll know what they are doing.
The team needs to improve on their plays and tackling drills, they are succeeding in not giving up, getting out there and still fighting. Hopefully, we get the win but we haven’t scored in 2 weeks playing 2 mediocre teams so I doubt the win may come.”


Angel McWithey 

“I’m actually a little disappointed with the football games this year. I don’t pay four dollars for the team to lose every time, but it also affects you guys because you all know you can do better. Why give yourself the bad rep for it. You guys could work on better strategies and work better as a team. Don’t let the other team get the upper hand. My opinion doesn’t really matter but I do believe in the team and know they can do better. All it takes is some hard work and you all got this season.”

The student body definitely has some strong opinions on the football team so far this season. One thing they all have in common is hope. South High will continue to try their best to revive our reputation for football!

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What Will the Football Players do?