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South High Spirit Week 2017!

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Last week was Spirit week. Which means we had our 2017 Fall Homecoming! Most everyone throughout the school had their school spirit. At the beginning of last week spirit week began and people walked in looking BRIGHT! First day of the week was Neon day, second day was Tropical day, third day was Camouflage, fourth day was Jersey day, and finally Friday was school Spirit day.

Neon day was a big hit followed by camouflage. Tropical day and Spirit day was the second most liked. Jersey day was the least popular. Some of the ideas this year were not very thought out but there was school spirit throughout the school. Even some teachers participated but mostly on neon and camouflage day.

Although a lot of people did not participate in this semester’s spirit week, the people who did enjoyed themselves by arriving early to school. By arriving early to school they received a different colored sticker each day. Every day that they received a sticker they got to leave five minutes early for lunch. If you did not participate this semester do not worry because soon there will be the winter homecoming.

Do not worry Titans because there will be another spirit week in the winter! Hopefully the spirit week themes will be even better so more people can participate. Watch out and look out for your grades so you don’t miss our next dance!


Pictured by Mariana Ramirez: Kelly Aguayo and Vicente Retana
Pictured: Fernando Marroquin
Pictured by Mariana Ramirez: Anthony Robertson and Wendy Stamback
Pictured: Brian Sawyer hyping up the class of 2020
Picture by Mariana Ramirez: Leslie Rendon

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