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SRIRACHA is a newly released song by MARTEEN. We have been given a sneak peek of the song to write an honest review about it. As a whole, the newspaper staff reviewed this song and came to a conclusion, this song is not a song that young adults will like. This song is more aimed towards 13-year-olds or younger.

MARTEEN shows a level of confidence in himself that is more than enough for a 16-year-old. He describes his music as “nineties R&B with a little Bay Area edge” referencing his Northern California roots.

The song was created one day while he was eating Sriracha and he started freestyling about a girl.┬áHe describes women as “Lil Racha”. Meaning “She’s not basic, she’s a little bit different, she got that spice.”


Click below to listen to Sriracha.

Throughout the class, this song was playing aloud and comments on the song consisted of, “this song is trash”, “who is playing this wack song”, “He looks like Jacob Sartorius”, and “why does he look like the only time he showered was for the music video”. Those were only a few of the comments on the song. MARTEEN does not seem like a mature enough artist to appeal to young adults of the generation. Our teacher Mr. Welch said that his 12-year-old daughter would love this song, sadly. I concluded from everyone’s feedback that this song is a song that appeals to middle school students.

Overall this song is not something I would go out and listen to. I also would not recommend anyone to listen to this song. But then again music tastes are different for each person and if you feel differently on the subject comment on this article, stop by in H4 or DM us on Twitter @WHSSjournalism and let the Torch staff know.

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