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Band Competition Results

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The last performances of the wichita south high titan pride marching band are coming up. October 25th was the Andover Marching competition where the band received a 1 Superior Rating. On October 28th the band then received a 1 rating in parade marching and a 1 rating in field marching the band was really happy about that and after wards on the way back to the busses the band played some of their pep band songs and some went wild and messed around on the play ground that was behind the stadium. On Monday October 30th the band had their last performance showcasing  their show to the other wichita bands all of the use 259 bands preformed the star spangled banner together and then one by one the bands did their shows.

As for the Seinors it would be the last time they stepped foot on that field, the last time they got to go to Neewollah. For the Freshman it is an entirely different story they learned things that they didn’t know in high school, they got to go places that they didn’t get to go to before, i asked some freshman what they thought about band now after band camp and some said that it was awesome others said that it was a lot of hard work and it was worth it in the end. All in all this is the best Marching Band season that south has seen for a while with strait 1’s. For the seniors this is a great ending to their high school marching band careers.  Even though the seniors are graduating they can always come back to visit and help the others. Many other Seniors visit and give advice to the other sections.

In class Mr. Brown always says that we are a family and ever since i started as a freshman last year i started to believe it. At Neewollah when we found out our ratings it felt nerve wracking because we heard all of these other bands getting amazing ratings and then it was our turn silence then we hear it ” Wichita South Parade Rating: 1 Field Rating: 1″ then everybody was screaming and i actually hugged my sister and we don’t hug but i swear that i saw some people crying it was a miracle i didn’t think that  we would get a one in either cause i felt that i messed up in the parade and i kept hearing after the field show how much everyone thought they messed up but we still got all ones.  The only way i thought we did kind of good was the crowds reaction. After in the next band class we listened to two of the recordings from the judges it turns out we did kind of mess up but most of it was backwards marching and staying in step.


At Band o Rama all of the USD 259 bands were at our field performing  their shows one of my favorites was heights and they did Pirates of the Caribbean. The whole band sang along with a song from the movie and some people in the band played enemies to the pirates ( color guard). It was a great story and i think that next year they should continue it. Now that the marching band season is over we are now focusing on concert band. Who knows what is going to happen but i hope for the seniors that it will end well because we might not see them again for a long time.





2017-2018 Wichita South High Titan Pride Marching Band after receiving all 1’s
Band Marching in the Parade
Wichita South High Titan Pride Marching Band Seniors 2017-2018

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