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Impacts of Bullying in the 316

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Impacts of bullying in the 316

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Over the past few months, many teens have been impacted by bullying. Students walk through schools each and every day hoping that the day will be good. In the beginning of the year, students are asked to take a safety survey, a few of the questions are if the student feels safe in bathrooms, hallways, classroom, and much more. How many of the answers they give are actually true? If we count out the people who honestly just want to get the survey over with and pick whatever, we are still left the majority of the school. How many of them are scared to admit that they do not feel safe? How many of them are too afraid to stand up for themselves and let someone know that this is happening to them?

Over 3.2 million students a year are victims of bullying, and over 160,000 teens skip school every day because they are afraid of the unknown consequences of getting their education. 17% of students report being bullied 2 or more time in a month. Why is this excused as “kids will be kids”? Students feel like they have no one to lean on when it comes to bullying. They should not feel the need to ignore what is happening to them. The should not feel disregarded.

Click above to see Chance S. interview on KAKE news.

Wichita South High School’s Chance Sitzes is a student impacted by bullying. Chance has been bullied since middle school and it still follows him today. On October 26th Chance was jumped by 4 other peers, 2 of the boys held him down by his neck and backpack while the other 2 proceeded to fracture his spine. He was rushed to the hospital and immediately sent to an emergency surgery. After the surgery, the surgeon proceeded to tell Sitzes’s mother that he could have been paralyzed. Chance now has a metal plate in his spine and multiple screws in his neck for the rest of his life. Chance will be out of work and school for 6 weeks. He proceeded to tell anyone who was watching to “Stand up for what you think is right. Don’t just stand and watch. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them.”

What I do not understand is how it goes through their minds every day that they almost took someone’s life. Over what? What was said that made it okay to beat him so ferociously? Nothing he could have said made it okay for this to happen. For anything like that to happen. It shows how immature and ignorant this generation is. Not a single one of them took a second to think that maybe this is too much, maybe this is wrong, or maybe this is just flat out vicious. They were selfish and only thought of themselves and shame on them for that.

Stop Bullying

Wichita as a whole needs to make a difference in bullying and they need to take a stand for it. A bullying situation comes to the surface when it is in its worse possible state. Then all we have to say is that it’s sad and wrong. Why was nothing done about it before? We can not just sit back and watch as the younger generation around us fall to their knees. This is an issue and it needs to be addressed. We need to stress that is not tolerated.

Stand up for what you believe in.

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