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Top 3 DIY Fall Decorations

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Its the time of the year when it gets cold, leaves are falling, and all the cool decorations come out. However those decorations can be expensive, so keep on reading if you want to learn how to make your own fall decorations. The very first fall decoration that I will be mentioning is:




Mason Jars (did you know you can buy them on Amazon – free shipping with prime – score!)

–craft paint or spray paint

contact paper or vinyl to make decals

—(make sure to buy the objects that you want to put in the jars so you can have them ready)


–“Ball” mason jars have a design on the back.  You want a blank back, which would be the “Kerr” brand

–you’ll want wide-mouth jars – I about got my hand stuck as I tried to position the candle in mine.  I had wide-mouth Ball on hand and regular Kerr on hand – wrong combo!  The regular worked, it was just tight to get the candle set up inside.

–the decal seemed to peel off a little better with the spraypaint versus the craft paint

–this is a perfect group craft!!

I also think these would look amazing with the crackle paint technique – it just uses Elmer’s glue and I posted all about that here: How to Crackle Paint on Jars

How to Make Yarn Pumpkins

Here’s what you’ll need for each yarn pumpkin:

  • 21 pieces of orange yarn, cut to 36-inch lengths
  • 2 ounces of white glue (I used glue from the dollar store)
  • 1 balloon (12-inch size), blown up half full
  • 1 brown pipe cleaner and 1 green pipe cleaner top
  • (You can get these supplies at dollar tree)

–start by blowing up 12″ balloons about half full. The bigger you blow the balloons, the more yarn you’ll need. But the smaller you blow them, the more egg-like the shape will be.

–cut out about 21 pieces of yarn about 36 inches long.

–one of the pieces of yarn to the end of the balloon. Open one of your kitchen cabinets and hang the balloon from the handle.

–pour the glue into a small bowl. It takes about one full 2-ounce bottle of glue per yarn pumpkin.If you want the pumpkins to be rock solid, try using slightly watered down Mod Podge.

–When you’re done, find somewhere to hang the yarn covered balloons to dry. paste one of the pieces of yarn into the bowl of glue, and swirl it around gently with a plastic fork to get it completely covered with glue.

–When you’re done, find somewhere to hang the yarn covered balloons to dry. Take the glue covered yarn strand and press the end down somewhere and wind it around the balloon, making sure the press down the ends of the yarn to secure them when they’re in place.(Repeat with the remaining pieces of yarn.)

–When you’re done, find somewhere to hang the yarn covered balloons to dry.

–Make a very small hole in the balloon close to where the knot is (it won’t pop if you cut it near the knot). You want the air to leak slowly so you can detach any yarn that you might have missed as it shrinks. Then take out the balloon.

–Make the pipe cleaner stem and vine by wrapping the pipe cleaners around your baby finger. The stem is just a spiral, so I tucked the end of the pipe cleaner into the yarn, then glue it on.

After you glue it, then you are done with your pumpkin!

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