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The student voice of Wichita High School South


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Here at South, On October 30th we had all 7 schools come to South to perform different songs for marching band. These 7 schools include East, Heights, North, Northwest, South, Southeast and West High. These bands varied in size, some were small and some were big. The bands were very creative with what they performed. The color guards danced and acted as the marching band played their instruments. Band-O-Rama is where all the schools in Wichita come to one school and perform songs that they have been practicing for the year and songs that they have performed at other competitions or concerts and showed all the other schools what they have done from the beginning of the year.

All Wichita Schools









In this picture it shows all the bands together. The schools came on the field one by one and as they were marching toward the field there was another school waiting to make their way to the field. As you can see, the bands were all not the same size, but all played terrific songs. While these schools were on the field, they played The Star-Spangled Banner together as a group!

South High Band

This picture shows the South High Band about to play what they have practiced for awhile. South High played “How the West was Won”, “Feeling Good”,  And “Minimally Speaking”. They did an awesome job while playing, and will be even better next year!

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