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What its Like During Basketball Games

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During basketball games, cheerleaders and pep band members go to varsity games to support the girls and boys teams but since the student section is not as good as it could be the peppiness is very bad, but nobody really knows that because they aren’t there. It’s really loud and the other team usually has a better student section when it comes to the boy’s games( the girls don’t really get that much support even though they do better than the boys)


Pep Band 2017-2018


South High Spirit Squad 2017-2018


Thursday, November 30th, 2017 was the first game of the year starring Wichita high school south and southeast. As the Basketball players got competitive out on the court, the cheerleaders brought their sass on the sidelines supporting their team. Souths spirit squad enjoyed running out on the court during timeouts dancing to the pep band. The stands were filled top to bottom with multiple another school to come and watch the first game of the season. others also wanted to check out their competition.

The girl’s varsity team won against southeast and the men lost, but they have not lost hope yet. the ladies are working on another year bringing home the state championship as the boys are going to show their fullest potential next game.



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