Dead Rising 4 gets in the holiday spirit today with the launch of the zombie game’s Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack. As you can see in the announcement trailer above, Frank West faces off against zombies who are now dressed up as elves and snowmen.

You can wear a Santa suit and lay waste to the zombies with new weapons such as a “Candy Pain” and a baseball bat outfitted with barbed wire and Christmas lights. Additionally, you can drive around in a vehicle called “Santa’s Little Melter,” which is basically a motorcycle with a reindeer head on it that shoots lasers. On top of this, the game’s selfie camera now has a holiday-themed border option. While running over zombies with an electrified go-kart is fun all year round, Dead Rising 4 shines with its Christmas setting, which adds candy cane crossbows, explosive Santa traps and plenty more holiday weaponry to keep your slay bells ringing (see what I did there? Like, slaying zombies. Because of the classic so–you know what, nevermind). The game’s zombie outbreak begins on Black Friday, but thankfully, most of the action takes place in a mall and its surrounding stores, which means you have a wide variety (and high supply) of items with which to creatively kill the undead.

1. Overwatch: winter wonderland

Overwatch was the competitive multiplayer hit of the summer, and Blizzard has done a good job supporting the first-person shooter since it launched. Hot off the heels of its fun Halloween event, Overwatch is decking the halls with festive character skins, snowy landscapes, and a new brawl: Mei’s Snowball Offensive. It runs through Jan. 2.