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How Early is Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

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RAZ Imports 2015 - Peppermint Toy Tree

A lot of People say that the day after Thanksgiving is when you should put up your tree, but a significant amount of people disagree. There has been a feud over the years that it’s okay to decorate before Thanksgiving and even the day after Halloween. While other people say you should wait until after Thanksgiving so you can enjoy each holiday individually, why not? People start Christmas shopping in July and all the way up to the last minute of the stores being open on Christmas Eve.

There are two point of views: the first is that people should take their time to put decorations up for each holiday they celebrate in a timely manner. Secondly you should put your decorations up however early you want to.

There is a lot of controversy over this topic here’re some pictures and funny videos people have created.            



It shouldn’t matter when you put up Christmas decorations, no matter how small and simple you decorate, or how crazy and extravagant.


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