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Top 10 Christmas Present ideas

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With Christmas fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about what you are going to gift your loved ones. Every year, it seems harder and harder to think of gift ideas, and it seems like everybody says that they want nothing for Christmas. This list will help you think of some ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. Snack Baskets

Gather all of the favorite snacks, candies, and drinks, of the person that you are buying for, and put them all in a basket. Put in some gift cards from their favorite restaurant in the basket.

Snack basket


2. Video Games

Almost everybody will appreciate a video game. If you’re having trouble on which one to pick, check out the “Video Games of the Week” that our staff member Leia has posted!

Video games on PC

3. Paint Something

Everybody loves something homemade. Paint the person that you are gifting a picture of something that they like. If you’re not the best artist, you can find tutorials on youtube that will help you.

Painting a landscape

4. Pedicure in a jar

A simple and easy present to make is a pedicure in a jar. For this, you need nail polish, a jar, a nail file, and nail clippers. Add the polish, file, and clippers in the jar, and attach a note!

Pedicure in a jar

5. Gift cards

What do you get for the person that seems to have everything? Instead of fussing over what to give them, simply stop by a drugstore or their favorite store and buy a gift card!



6.Fuzzy socks 

                     Is your girlfriend/friend feet are always cold? help them out and give them some heat. invest in some socks that she will cherish for ever.


This is the perfect gift for your significant other if they love photography, and they have a passion for journalism.


Nothing is better than a nice cuddly the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate, with a nice fuzzy, comfy blanket 

9. A puppy

What’s better than a gift that can make favorable memories than a puppy! they will have you on your feet, never a dull moment.

10.Game/Concert tickets 

This moment could last a life time and be the MOST BESETS!!! gift ever. To have the joy of dancing, singing, cheering and booing with the crowd would enlighten your loved one.

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