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Novembers TV Show OTM

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About the show:

Archie Andrews starts the school year with the world weighing on his shoulders. He decided to pursue a future in the music business but, his recently ended clandestine relationship with the music teacher has left him without a mentor, and his friendship with Jughead Jones is in a bad place. Things look like they might be turning around when Veronica Lodge, a new girl, arrives. Despite the instant chemistry, Veronica is hesitant to risk a friendship with Betty — who has a crush on Archie — to pursue anything. Amidst all the small-town banality lurks a mystery: the recent tragic death of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of a beautiful and popular troublemaker, Cheryl.


“A lot of the reviews on here seemed to be from Archie fans, so I thought I’d share my perspective; I’ve only ever read a couple of the comics. From what I saw in the first episode, this series seems promising. Riverdale seems to be superior to other shows from the CW in a number of aspects. The first thing I noticed was decent cinematography, the shots were beautiful but not in your face. The performances also seemed to be consistently good throughout the cast, with Lili Reinhart and Luke Perry (surprisingly) being the standouts from the episode. The storyline is intriguing, and the dialogue is a little better than some other CW shows. However, the show does exhibit a fair amount of clinches and a sense of predictability. All in all, Riverdale seems promising and I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode!”

“Such a great and innovative show for the CW, This drama uses Archie’s comics material in a great way. This show is refreshing, dark, witty and will grab your attention.”

“The show gives us yet another high school mystery but manages to bring something new to the table. There’s more than enough to praise about this show, from its stunning photography to its well-developed characters. But it also benefits from being a series suitable for all ages. Two thumbs up!!”

“A little bit cliche but not bad at all. Everyone that is giving this show negative reviews needs to understand that this is not the happy Archie comics we all read. This is a teen drama and the first season is revolving around the murder of Jason blossom. Although the show is pretty cliche and typically CW it’s pretty good so far and I think everyone should give the first 2 episodes a chance.”

“I have watched Riverdale myself and I have to say 13 and over is definitely the right age group. My daughter and her friends love the show. I have asked my daughter on many occasions if she was frightened by anything in it (she is easily frightened and a big worrier) but she replied ‘it’s not scary at all. this ‘body’ looks so fake and is not scary at all’. I watched the show to see for myself and she was right, it isn’t bad at all. In conclusion, I think the show is suitable for 13+ and really isn’t as scary or inappropriate as it is made out to be!” 

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