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Being Single on Valentine’s Day isn’t that “bad”

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Oh how “lovely” is it for the “best” day of the year is just right around the corner, seeing people with their significant other loving up on each other and then you realize that you have no one to love and you’re just sitting there all lonely. Well don’t worry being single on Valentine’s day isn’t that bad. There are so many things you can do without having someone to “love”┬ásuch as┬áspoiling yourself, spoiling friends, spoiling your dogs or cat, getting to know yourself a little better, etc. So here is a list of things that you can do without having anyone.

Treat yourself

Treat yourself like no man or woman has ever done. Go get your hair done, go get some new clothes, get yourself some new video games. Heck, go get yourself some dinner and non-alcoholic beverages to drown your sorrows in (not really.)

Plan a hangout

If your girls or guys single, plan a hangout and hit them up, ask them to meet you at your house or place to chill at so you can either have a night out with the girls or the guys. Unless they’re all in relationships and you’re the only single one in the group then cry deeply and go hang out with your pet if you don’t have one well get yourself a dog.


No, I’m not talking about running. I’m talking about curling up in your bed or couch with some fat food, turning on the tv or Netflix or Hulu and find a good show or movie to watch the whole day. (comedy, action, drama, adventurous, NOT ROMANCE) NEVER watch romance shows or movies on the loneliest time of the year.


Spoil your furry friend

Girl (or boy), you don’t need anyone to spoil. Just spoil your lovable companion that will never leave your side. Get them a big bag of treats, take them to the dog park, play with them, get them some puppy ice-cream, take them to the pet store pick them out one of those big bones and some new toys. Or just subscribe to a bark box. You think spoiling your pet is stupid? Try spoiling someone who will just drop you out of nowhere, now that is stupid.

Sign up for a singles subscription box (possibly might do that)

Thanks to Birchbox, subscription boxes of all sorts have been coming out of the woodworks. Recently singles everywhere have been raving about boxes like Singles Swag that deliver books, beauty products, and snacks to your doorstep.

Spoil your friends

Spoiling your friends is like spoiling your pet but friends want more than what pets want, so if you’re a generous friend and if you’re willing to do that then this is a good choice for you. (;

Take a break from social media

Best choice ever to do because you already know your friends posting pictures with their boo and tagging their boo. So if you don’t want to see all that lovey-dovey crap then sign out of social media and only focus on yourself.

Go on a vacation

This might be the first or last Valentine’s Day that you don’t have commitments or plans. Take the spare time you have to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to. Be sure to know where most couples are going to be at for their Valentines getaway so you can avoid those places.

Just pig out

Go to your favorite restaurant or a buffet and just get everything they have and just pig out. Eat your feelings away until they come back.

See? There are so many things you could do if you’re single on Valentines Day. Technically being single on Valentines Day is not that bad unless you make it bad but one advice to never do. Get so drunk and text or call your ex saying some dumb stuff or whatever. Do not do that.

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