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The Ulta-mate Scam

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If you’re a fan of beauty, you’ve probably heard the horror stories of independent makeup companies such as Lime Crime’s bouts of racism and credit card fraud, or perhaps you’ve heard of bigger brands such as Kat Von D, and her frequent relationships with Neo-Nazis? But what happens when some store managers of ULTA Beauty, a well-known beauty supplier, are repackaging and reusing damaged and used products to resell and even use as in-store samples?


One of the products that have been “cleaned up”


Recently, a Twitter user by the name of @fantinamxo came forward and showed off the way her store managers were trying to save money.  She states that any damaged product would be resold, even products like stick foundations and makeup brushes. She also wrote that they would clean up the product and then put the item back on the shelf without sanitizing said product. Since her original post, many other workers of Ulta have also said that their managers have also done similar things.

Perhaps one of the vilest actions of these managers is using damaged products as store samples. If they need a tester, they will take the actual sample of the product and swap it out with a damaged version of the product that they repackaged. Samples are already fairly disgusting, with a patron recently filing a lawsuit with Sephora due to them getting an STI from a store sample. Combined with the unsanitary handling of these products, these samples become a breeding ground for sickness.

Ulta Beauty has officially issued a statement on this problem concerning various store managers. They have stated that this goes against their store policies. According to a spokesperson,”We take any concern of this nature very seriously and if we find that there is any deviation from our policies, we will take appropriate actions to ensure we continue providing a consistently high-quality product,” the statement continued. “The health and safety of Ulta Beauty guests is a top priority and we strive to deliver an optimal experience every time they shop with us.” Ulta has not released any further statement on this issue

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