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Spring Activities to Enjoy this Upcoming Season

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This Spring, there are many Activities that you can do with your friends, family, or significant other. All of these options are not very expensive things to do and have a good time with your family and Friends. Some activities include picnicking, camping, bike riding, and many other things.

  • Picnicking with someone you enjoy spending time with

For picnicking, You could bring some lunch and relax in the sun and enjoy the nice breeze. Some foods you could bring are sandwiches and snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetables or some chips to enjoy with your sandwiches. You could bring some lemonade and water to cool off if you are playing sports and games. You don’t need anything fancy just a picnic blanket and your lunch or you can spice it up little if its a special occasion.

This is a more fancy set up for picnicking that is not necessary unless you like this idea.
This is a simple yet nice picnic set up that would be a cheap and fun spring activity.

You could make simple sandwiches with a variety of different ingredients to your preference the would make a delicious lunch or afternoon snack.


You can make a variety of different side dishes to take with you on a picnic but potato salad is a staple (unless you don’t like Potato salad).
You can bring any fruit you want but watermelon is a sweet refreshing fruit to bring. Some other options are strawberries, Bananas, or grapes.
You could also take some pasta salad that would taste delicious with your sandwiches, snacks, and side dishes.
You could make some refreshing lemonade to take with you or buy it from the store, but either way, it will be good.

Picnics are a cheap and fun activity to do this spring and you can get full of yummy food at the same time.

  • ¬†Bicycling around the Neighborhood or town

For a bike ride, you can cruise around your town or neighborhood and find new and exciting things you haven’t seen before. You could find a new place to eat or see some amazing art around your community. Just make sure before you go on your adventure that you have your tires aired up and everything is working properly on your Bike.

You can enjoy the breeze while riding through the streets and enjoying the Beautiful day.
Always make sure you have all the necessities so you won’t get caught in a bad predicament.

Here are a few things you can see here in our community downtown that you can come across on your journey. The artwork downtown is unique and is scattered all through downtown Wichita.

A Chalk Board down town where you can write anything you want
Keeper of the planes decorative statues from two different angles(see below this picture).

  • Simple ideas such as kite flying and blowing bubbles

You could buy a cheap kite and go and fly it on a windy day perhaps while you are having your Picnic :). Or if you have younger siblings or just you and your family you can blow bubbles and watch them float away in the spring breeze. You can buy either of these things at Dollar Tree or Walmart for a cheap and fun idea. another idea is you could buy some Sidewalk chalk and draw some beautiful art with your friends or family.

A little boy Blowing Bubbles
Beautiful kites flying on a breezy day
Side Walk Art


Fun and easy sidewalk art anyone can do
  • Plant some new flowers on a Beautiful Day

You can easily make yourself a cheap and easy garden on your front or back lawn. You can buy all the supplies you need at the Dollar Tree or Walmart whichever one you prefer. You can get all kinds of spring flowers to plant such as dahlias, lilies, tulips, daffodils, irises, and many more. All you would need to get is a bag of soil or mulch depending on what you are growing, a hand shovel, gardening gloves, a watering can, your seeds, and maybe a small hand rake for the weeds you might have in the area you want your garden.

Get your hands dirty with some yearly Gardening!
Pink and Orange Tulips
Beautiful Purple Dahlia
Unique Multicolored Dahlias
Red Lillies
  • Bake some Spring Desserts

You can bake some cookies or cake on a nice spring afternoon with some simple ingredients. You don’t even have to do it from scratch you could get a box of the dry ingredients adjust need to buy the wet ingredients such as eggs or milk. You could get some white frosting and add different food coloring to make pretty spring colors. Then you could take it on your picnic in the park as suggested above.

Yummy looking Dessert


colorful cupcakes


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