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Disney Movies That Got Upgraded

Angelina Smith, Reporter

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1.Beauty and the Beast: Updated this classic in 2017 less than a year ago and added some changes and even added more songs.

2. Alice in Wonderland: Disney Updates Alice in Wonderland in 2010 adding more action and putting in an older Alice and making the tale different than expected. The 2010 version even got a sequel called “Alice Through The Looking Glass”





3. Sleeping Beauty/ Maleficent: This was updated in 2014 adding a new point of view on the classic tale. It even got a new title ” Maleficent”




4. Cinderella: Disney updates this old favorite in 2015 and added more details than we got in the older version we got a different view of the world of Cinderella. The actress picked to play Cinderella was spot on.


5. The Jungle Book: This was recreated in 2016. there was a different perspective and more detail. The creators of the 2016 version added more to the story then what was seen in the older version.



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Disney Movies That Got Upgraded