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Senior Thoughts – February

Every month a few South High senior boys and girls are chosen to give their opinion on how their year has been and what their plans for the future will be.

Quanna Cronin, Reporter, Author

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T’Onia Avery

“Even though senior year is supposed to be the easiest most memorable year it wasn’t for me, although this is technically my junior and senior year combined, it is my most memorable year just not in a good way. This year has been hard for me. a lot of tears and frustrations were involved in it. It started off good and okay. I had really good grades, my job was alright, I lived at home with my family so I was being taken care of and everything was good. The only thing I had to worry about was graduating and getting a car. Now, I live with another family, my grades are terrible, I have to take care of myself, find a place to live on my own, and get a car. After graduation though, I’m going straight to college in the pre-med program, and I’m pretty much just gonna worry about making it happen for myself. Just because I’m undergoing a really tough time doesn’t mean anything less of my plans for myself. Senior year… I’m not gonna necessarily miss it, I’m just ready for it to be done”.

(left) Makil (right) Zakee

Zakee Coates

“My senior year has been good. I’m just trying to graduate. I have been working hard and focusing on my work. I am doing what I can to pass my classes. I am going to college. I plan on attending Butler. I also plan on becoming a fireman so I would like to attend a program at Butler to achieve that. This year has been stressful because some work is hard, as well as, trying to get my grades up. This is probably the best year I am having so far and I am going to miss high school. I m going to miss all my teachers and friends as well. I do plan on going to prom this year. I like to get involved with sports and have been to almost all of the basketball games. At the beginning of the year, I went to Friends for a tournament in speed-skating and I plan to be in track & field in the shot put event”.

Makil Coates

“This senior year has been going good so far. I been having some bad days and some good, but still trying so hard. This year has taught me a lot and helped me grow as a person. I have good grades and have been trying to put school and work above anything else. One of my favorite classes would have to be Public and Law because I learned new laws. I love being involved with sports and working on myself. I hopefully will be joining the track team this year for long distance and sprinting. Something I wish I would have done is get more involved with school to open more doors for opportunities and build my confidence as well. I can’t wait to graduate and finish school so I can work and make money. I am looking forward to being able to buy my own place and build my career and future”.

Asha Brocks

“My high school experience at South will always be memorable. I made many mistakes and many achievements. What I will remember the most is meeting the smartest, funniest, and overall best person in the world: Alexis Baker-Briggans. It is important to find someone who helps you through the most difficult times in high school, and she was that person for me. I was also taught by some of the best teachers, including Mr. Gonzalez, Mrs. Dayhuff, and Mr. Hernandez who always had my back. Of course, I will miss the little things like eating out with friends and going to football games, but I am overly excited to walk across that stage and never look back.

Tommethia Williams

“My name is Tommethia Williams my experience as a senior was successful, stressful, and hectic all in one. I started my senior year with 24.5 credits and being that we only need 23 to graduate I felt that I didn’t need to go to school, but all students have to be full time for the 1st semester and I didn’t know that. So for the first two months of class, I was barely going to school and doing what I wanted to do until I realized that I needed three more credits to finish mid-term. I only had a few more months to get my grades where they needed to be, and I felt that the only ones that wanted me to succeed were my family, & counselor Mrs. Kiser, my teachers Ms. Henning, and Ms. McClung. They came up with an alternative assignment so that I could still finish school early and everything. I didn’t have too many friends so I kind of road it out solo throughout the year, but I’m grateful for everything I went through as a senior. I’m much wiser, and I’m determined to be successful. Senior year was still a blast and I’m proud to be apart of class of 2018”.



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