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Fake Makeup?!

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Social media has been blowing up about fake makeup with different businesses selling other peoples work with different or “cheap” ingredients for the product(s). Recently it has happened to a well-known makeup artist Jeffree Star, Ipsy sold counterfeit makeup. It is shown in the picture that Ipsy has the Beauty Killer pallet on their website for sale. Technically the blame isn’t completely on Ipsy, a brand called Milante Beauty literally stole Jeffree’s work and claimed it as their own. During this whole mess, Ipsy emailed Jeffree and took the fake Beauty Killer pallet off from their website. Also not to mention that Milante Beauty has also stolen a product and claimed it as their own from ABHcosmetics.

Fake Beauty Killer pallet

But wait there’s more! A huge American superstore chain Walmart has been selling fake Jeffree Star lipsticks. Walmarts online store displayed the product and claiming it to be Jeffree Star lipsticks. Jeffree immediately reached out to Walmart on Twitter. “Allowing 3rd party companies to sell counterfeit nasty FAKE makeup on your website is illegal. And also highly dangerous,” Jeffree tweeted at Walmart. Also keep in mind that counterfeit makeup can be dangerous. You don’t know what is in the product it could scar you. Pointing out the dangers of counterfeit makeup, Jeffree also tweeted, “I have bought several fake Jeffree Star products from a few websites and I’m having it tested by a chemist to show you how deadly these products are… Video coming soon. Lawsuit coming soon.”

Take a note that he says some of the ingredients that fake makeup has in them are: rat poison, lead, and other cancerous ingredients., Also it is very illegal for third party companies to sell fake makeup onto their websites. “When Walmart is willing to sell dangerous cosmetics and they don’t care? Girl, can we say ‘lawsuit?'” he added. Jeffree isn’t the only person who’s going or been through this. Mac cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, Anastasia, Estee Lauder and many more has dealt with brands stealing their own products.

Should brands/people be sued for stealing makeup or products from the original owners? Um, yes?! For one it is completely illegal, some people have to understand that with those products the owners put so much effort into selling them to their own customers and fans. They got to make sure it is completely safe for them to use. Another thing to add the customers. Customers from a specific brand will come across a product thinking it is the ACTUAL product from the original brand when it’s not on a different makeup and once they use it the ingredients in counterfeit makeup will ruin your face, lips and eyes.

Differences between real and fake

Results of counterfeit makeup

From using fake Kylie lip kits.
Using a fake Kylie eyeshadow pallet.


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