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CBD – The “B” Stands For Banned

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While you’re driving down the road, you may notice signs in the ground advertising CBD oil. Due to a recent bill in late January, these signs may start disappearing over time. The bill has the potential to ban the use of CBD in Kansas.

CBD oil has many uses and benefits, including pain relief, antipsychotic effects, reduces anxiety, and can help cancer patients. The best part? It’s all natural.

Users in Kansas claim to use the oil to heal, not to get high. Many people in Wichita are very angry and displeased at the thought of losing their precious oil.

Jacklynn Johnson is an avid user of CBD. She survived a car accident and claims that the oil helps with the anxiety that was an effect of the wreck. She even buys the oil in a form of dog treats to help with her dog’s seizures.

“I’m only 22 and the doctors wanted to put me on all kinds of opioids, narcotics,” she said.”It was to the point … we seriously thought we’d have to put our dog down,” Johnson said. “He was unconscious from the seizures.”

Shops all around Wichita have not listened to the bill, and have still been selling the oil and even building new stores.

Will CBD oil be available in Kansas in the future? Only time can tell.


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