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Olivia Deiter

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Young Mat Musto

Matthew Tyler Musto, professionally know as Blackbear, was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania on November 27th, 1990. Throughout Musto’s life, he has lived in multiple different cities in multiple different states. Some of them include Daytona Beach, Florida, Palm Coast, Florida, and in his late teens, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and then finally Los Angeles, California.



The Afterglow

Musto started out his music career in the fall of 2011 when he released his Year of the Blackbear EP. This is where Mat Musto became Blackbear. Musto also co-wrote Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend in 2012, this song hit number 2 on Billboards Hot 100. He released his first major EP, The Afterglow, in 2014. This landed Musto as number 4 on Billboard’s Uncharted.




On February 14th, 2015, Blackbear released his first full album Deadroses out to the public. “Pleasantly mixed together a plethora of genres, sounds and emotions to create a completely cohesive and unique project” says Redleaf Goldteeth. The lead single idfc rose to Billboard R&B Hot 100, the song held this title for over a year. The popular song collected a total of 22.5 million streams on SoundCloud and Spotify. Soon after Deadroses was released Musto released an EP that consisted of acoustic versions of all of the songs on the previous album, but also a new track called Weak When Ur Around.



In late 2016, Blackbear formed Mansionz with Mike Posner, they are based in Los Angeles, California. Mansionz released their debut album on March 24, 2017. This album consists of some of their first few songs together, including STFU, Rich White Girls, and Dennis Rodman. The album features many popular artists including G-Eazy, Soren Bryce, CyHi the Prynce, and Snoozegod.




Blackbear Top Hits

(Click song titles below to listen to them)

  1. idfc

  2. Do Re Mi

  3. 4U

  4. i miss the old u

  5. Dirty Laundry

  6. chateau

  7. make daddy proud

  8. 90210 ft. G-Eazy

  9. hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone

  10. wish u the best

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