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Art Students go on a Trip to Art Museums

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On Thursday the 15th of February, Mrs. Saville’s ceramic II classes, select ceramic III students, and three Gear Up sponsors went on a field trip downtown to the City Arts museum, Pinot’s Palette, and WAM. While on the field trip, art students got the opportunity to tour all three buildings, and do some hands-on work at the City Arts Museum.

The trip started off at City Arts. This building is located in old town, across the street from the Warren. Here, the students broke up into two groups. One of the groups started off on the third floor, where they were able to create glass fusion (the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln) artwork. The students were able to glue shards of colored glass onto a square of clear glass. They were also given the chance to cut glass rods and glue them onto their masterpiece. While the first group was creating their pieces, the second group toured the building to see the gallery on the first floor, and all of the art classes offered on the second and third floor. These classes ranged from glass blowing to pottery, to drawing and painting, to digital media and photography.

After the tour of the City Arts, Mrs. Saville took her students to the neighboring building- Pinot’s pallet.  This is where Mrs. Saville works when she isn’t teaching at South! Here, the students were able to see the painting studios for a brief second and see some of our teacher’s work.

Next, all of the students loaded back up onto the bus and drove to the Museums on the River to tour the Wichita Art Museum (WAM). Here, the students split into four groups and were all given a packet with art pieces and exhibits to view and answer a couple questions about. Unlike the City Arts Museum, this tour was self-led and rushed. We were only given 45 minutes to see as much as we could and get back onto the bus and go back to school. At this building, the students were able to see famous art. This museum was amazing and offered hands-on activities, such as their glass walk, art garden, and their child-friendly living room in the basement.


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