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‘That one friend’

mikayla lopez, reporter

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We all have that one friend that’s so EXXXTTTRRAAA for no reason!  but we love them so much it doesn’t matter.

here is a list of 5 of the many things ‘that one friend’ does.

1. the one friend that talks WAYYYY TOOO MUCH !!!

Have you ever just wanted a simple 2-minute conversation and it turns to 20 minutes and you repeatedly try to edit but they keep taking

2.the emergency plan expert.

This friend you absolutely need on your emergency contact list. or stuck on the side of the road which brings us to…

3.the mechanic/ fixer upper

If you’re always breaking something, or don’t know how to work it call them up this is a good friend to keep.

4. the walking GPS

Going on a road trip this is the friend to have around especially when your lost and have no idea where you’re going… but it’s ok that’s why you bought them.

5.the ‘family’ friend

these friends are the bestets friends to ever have because they know everything about you and vice versa. they come to all the family events and shopping all the fun stuff!


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