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How To Prevent Injuries For Spring Sports

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Spring sports have approached and taking safety precautions come first, so here are a couple of ways to prevent a potential injury : 

1.) Be in a proper physical condition to play  – If you planned on playing the sport that you had in mind, train before the sport actually starts, and add an extra conditioning in order to prepare your body for activities. Also by getting health examinations from a doctor will help with identifying possible health concerns that have potential lead to an injury. Check the techniques that will be applied in the sport,  be in proper condition and know what should you should be looking forward to when the sport arrives. Adequate conditioning can help keep a player free from injury and can improve his or her performance during the season.

2.) Check the field that you will be playing on- Have the coach or someone to inspect the files to check for bumps or anything unusual to prevent injuries such as ACL tears or shin splints. Inspecting the filed will also help with knowing what equipment that will be needed and what you should start being accustomed to.

3.) Perform a proper cool down – Stretching and cooling down after practice/game will help with loosening muscles while they are still warmed up. This may also help with technique and will help with future performance. Stretching and cooling down will also prevent soreness and aches after the sport has begun.

4.) Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated- Water is an important factor when playing a sport, water can prevent muscle aches and the tenderness to feel sick. Staying hydrated will prevent heat exhaustion so it is important to drink water before, during, and after practice/game. It may seem cloudy outside but the sun’s UV rays are still penetrating through the clouds, In order to prevent those aching sunburns, wearing sunscreen is the only way to making sure of it.

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