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Do’s and dont’s on how to deal with fake “friends”

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Have you ever encountered a friend/friends who you thought was the real one until they didn’t have your back when things got bad and switched up on you and now you feel like you’re stuck in a void, confused, trying to figure out what happened and now you don’t know what to do? Well, here are some do’s and dont’s on handling the situation.


  • Unfriend them/ block them on social media. If that person doesn’t treat you like a well-respected friend that you then unfriend them or block them. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.
  • Pay attention to who your real friends are.  Be aware of who treat you like a friend, be aware who doesn’t.
  • Keep in mind if that friendship is worth keeping. Decisions, decisions. Notice the pros and cons of the friendship. Does he/she treat you like a friend? Does he/she support you in any decision you make? Is he/she willing to stick by your side through the good times and the bad times? Just some questions to ask yourself.
  • Don’t let their toxic attitude get to you. Just walk away from them, cut them out of your life if they keep throwing their toxic attitude at you.
  • Confront the person about them being fake. Try and work things out with them. Fix the problem together. (if that’s possible.)


  • Confront the person about them being fake. Even though this did fall into the do category it also falls into the don’t category here’s why. It will start an argument and cause you to stress out and have a breakdown. The fake “friend” will throw false statements at you and it may cause you to go off on them.
  • Stay friends with them. That’s the one thing you don’t do. Never stay friends with someone who switches up on you when things are looking bad no matter how long you guys were friends.
  • Post petty stuff about them on social media.  Never do that! It will cause even more drama and you will be just digging yourself a deeper hole.
  • Physically fight them. Fighting the person isn’t worth it. What is it going to do for you? Nothing that’s what, it’s not gonna do anything for you.
  • Be petty towards them. Do not act petty towards them because all it’s gonna do is just start arguments which are gonna lead to fighting which isn’t worth it.

At the end of the day,  just know who stuck by your side and who didn’t. The ones who are with you still are the real ones in your life and the ones who left are not. Big difference right? Ignore them, just be you and continue on without them. No matter how long you guys have been friends the time doesn’t matter, what does matter is whoever stuck by you and picked you back up and carried you through the rough times are the real ones. The ones who have your back and support every decision you make are the real ones. The other people who don’t do that are not the real ones and you really don’t need them. No matter how bad it hurts losing them, it will be okay eventually, keep your head high and move on.

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