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Saturday, April, 28th, a former South High graduate was drafted into the NFL. Davontae Harris graduated from South High in 2013.

Davontae’s High School Football Highlights


Davontae Harris during a football game for the Red Birds
Davontae after graduating college on December 16th, 2017

During his high school career, Davontae participated in football and track and field. His senior year, he won the Pre-Season Vype all-state athlete. He was also 2013 prom king. At the end of the year, for the senior survey, he won “Most Likely to be on ESPN”. His senior year, he suffered an injury against West High. When asked about his struggles throughout his high school and college career he said: “growing up, everything was a struggle, with my family and getting hurt the first football game of my senior year…you know, I had to fight just to get a scholarship”.

“Going into the draft, I didn’t want to go onto a specific team, I just wanted to be drafted”. Harris was expected to be drafted in the fourth round. “When I didn’t hear my name called during the fourth round, I just went upstairs and set my phone down…Then I got the call”. Davontae was drafted in the fifth round the Cincinnati Bengals.

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