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Things to do this summer

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Finally, school is coming to an end for the year. No more stressing academically, no more late work deadlines for a couple months and etc. But now you’re going to sit around at home not knowing what to do for your summer. Well, here are some pretty cool things to do for the summer.


Apply for a job

Applying for a job isn’t all bad. You get paid at least and with the money you earn, you can save up for something you want or spend it on things to do.

Take long walks

When the summer evenings approach,┬átake your pet for a long walk or maybe even your family or just by yourself and listen to your favorite playlist while you’re out.

Go to Riverfest

Riverfest is coming around the corner maybe take your family, friends, or maybe you’re significant other with you and have a nice time there. June 1st-9th and it’s $7 for adults and $3 for kids.


Some people think fishing is boring and ew but other people think differently about it so if you’re one of those people who like fishing then why not do it?

Paint balloon fight

Call up your friends and plan a water balloon fight but instead of water in the balloons put paint in them and wear white T-shirts.


Have a cookout make burgers, hotdogs or something everyone would like with family or friends and gather around a bonfire, listen to music, tell stories, or play games.

 Vans Warped Tour

(The final full cross-country tour)

Vans Warped tour is an outdoor music festival with a bunch of bands, artist, etc. There are also some activities to do and a lot of merch booths. It is extremely hot so be sure to drink lots of water.

These are just a few good ideas to do for the summer. So be sure to have lots of fun, be safe and live a little this summer.

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