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Vending Machines – Rip Off or Coincidence?

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Walking down the halls of our school, vending machines are often seen taking up hallway space – which anybody who has ever tried going from E hall to S hall using the Go-Zone and G hall would know is precious. Students are rarely seen purchasing snacks and drinks from these machines. However, whenever you do see an excited freshman that believes that they can get a soda from the machine in between classes, a look of confusion and sometimes anger takes over their face.

It’s a known fact that most of the vending machines at South High don’t work properly. There is the soda machine in S hall that you have to hit to receive what you paid for, and most of the time, you don’t even get what you selected. Don’t forget about the fairly new Snapple machine by the main entrance that ‘takes’ debit, when in all reality, the machine only takes your money and doesn’t actually let you select a drink.

Personally, I have wasted many, many dollars attempting to purchase snacks and drinks from the vending machines at school. Is the administration purposefully purchasing vending machines that don’t work for profit? Are the vending machines just so old that they no longer work? Will South ever replace the machines? These are just some of the many questions that run through my mind.

Out of 25 students surveyed, seventeen students do not use the vending machines, three use the machines, and five rarely use the machines.

When asked why the students do not use the machines, many said that price and poor selection was their reasoning.

52% of the students surveyed have experienced an issue with the vending machines. ¬†“It takes my money all the time.” one student said. “I get the wrong drink at multiple vending machines.” another student explained. Another student that was surveyed shared a similar experience¬†as me, “[The Snapple machine] took my dollar and when I wanted a Snapple the machine was ‘out of service'”. The three main machines that were complained about were the Snapple machine, the machine at the end of E hall, and the machine by K, M, and S hall.

Ten of the students that were asked said that they believe that the vending machines are rip-offs. The main reasons that students think that the vending machines are rip-offs are because the products are over-priced and most machines don’t give you what you selected.

Emily Harding using the vending machine.
September 2020
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