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Underrated Bands #1: The Academic

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The logo of The Academic

The Academic is an indie rock / alternative band from Westmeath, Ireland. The band was formed in 2013 by Craig Fitzgerald (lead vocalist), Dean Gavin (drummer), Matthew Murtagh (guitarist), and Stephen Murtagh (bassist). The band signed with a British media company, Global Publishing, in 2014. The band is currently signed with Downtown Records.

Cover art for “Loose Friends”

The band released their first single entitled “Different” in 2014 and released their other single “Northern Boy” shortly after, also in 2014. The two songs were eventually added into their debut EP entitled “Loose Friends” in October 2015.

In Summer 2016, the band released their single entitled “Mixtape 2003,” which would be their last single until 2017 when they would release they would release “Bear Claws,” their most popular song yet. The band attracted more fame when they released a version of “Bear Claws” in October 2017 that took advantage of the delay of streams on Facebook Live to create a “first-of-its-kind” performance where each delay would create a layer that would then allow the band to treat as an instrument.

Shortly after (still in October 2017), the band released a new single entitled “Permanent Vacation,” which would become the first track on their debut album, “Tales From The Backseat.” Shortly after “Permanent Vacation,” the band released “In God’s Country,” which is featured on “The Joshua Tree – New Roots” (which was a tribute to the album “The Joshua Tree” by the Irish rock band, U2).┬áIn November 2017, the band released their single “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”, which was also due to be on their debut album.

Cover art for “Tales From The Backseat”

In January 2018, The Academic released their debut album entitled “Tales From The Backseat” with favorable reception, even reaching #1 on the Irish Albums Chart for the week of January 19, 2018. The band’s current latest release is their EP entitled “The Abbey Road Sessions,” which contains four songs that they performed at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. They performed their singles “Bear Claws,” “Different,” “Northern Boy,” and finished off with “Better” (originally performed by Lil Yachty). The EP was released in May 2018. The band plans to go on tour starting in October and ending in December, with shows around the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, United States, and Canada.

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