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The Effects of Deforestation

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Deforestation definition

18.7 million acres of forest is torn down every year. Half of the world natural tropical forests have been cleared, if this keeps happening rainforest will be completely gone in less than 100 years. Deforestation happens all over the world but mainly in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil.

deforestation effects

Deforestation is caused by many things, to make more land for housing, to harvest wood to create items such as paper, furniture, and homes, and to create room for cattle.

Deforestation effects




Forest can be destroyed through burning trees or just clear-cutting all the trees down. Although it can happen through natural disasters, humans are still the main cause.

The number one issue caused by deforestation is climate change. It impacts the global carbon cycle and decreases the number of greenhouse gases filling the air. Greenhouse gases are gas molecules that absorb thermal infrared radiation. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most prevalent greenhouse gas, it makes up about 82.2% of all greenhouse gases according to EPA. 300 billion tons of carbon is stored in trees.

Before deforestation
After deforestation









There are multiple effects of deforestation, including the loss of species, soil erosion, water in the atmosphere and a decrease in overall life quality. To reverse the effects of deforestation we must start replanting trees by the bulk to make up for lost time. We can also go paperless at school, work, and at home. Start buying recycled products and recycle as much as possible and do not buy meat from the land where the forest has been torn down. Supporting companies that produce products that have little to no harm to the environment, and nonprofit companies that specialize in replanting trees. We must all come together to save the natural rainforests. All it takes is the small things to make a big difference.



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