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Top Netflix Shows

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rising money and Noah kissed Elle for a fundraiser

Netflix original movie

This week’s top show or movie on Netflix is The Kissing Booth. This movie is about Elle Evan and her Best friend Lee Flynn, and of course Lees older brother Noah Flynn. Tuppen, another student, touches her which almost gets Lee into a fight but Noah intervenes because Elle is like his little sister. Elle and Lee  had to come up with a booth for the school carnival and they came up with the kissing booth. For payback, the girls send Elle up to the booth to kiss a nerdy kid while blindfolded. The boy switches with Noah having him next in line to kiss Elle When Elle won’t stop talking Noah kisses her, not knowing who it is she takes off her blindfold and Noah goes in for a second kiss. After cleaning up Elle sees Noah flirting with another girl so she runs home while Noah looks at her. While on her way home it starts to rain and Noah offers her a ride on his motorcycle.They shelter in a nearby glass ‘bandstand’ in a park. Elle kisses Noah again and he pulls away. After staring at each other Noah goes in for another kiss. Elle ends up pulling away, telling him she can’t be another one of his conquests. He looks hurt but tells Elle why he likes her. They kiss again but are interrupted by a security guard who recognizes Noah and tells him to stop bringing girls there. Elle gets upset that Noah brought her to the place where he brings his other girlfriends and leaves. Elle and Noah start to see each other secretly and are careful that Lee or anyone else don’t find out. While in Noah’s room his mom almost walks in on them and Elle has to hide. While hiding she overhears her say that he had been accepted to an Ivy League school. Soon after he reveals to her that he is going to Harvard and she starts to realize that he won’t be around next year. One day while hanging out with Noah, Lee walks in on him tending to a cut on her face. He become suspicious and asks Elle if it was Noah who hurt her. This infuriates Noah and they are about to get involved in a fight, but Elle stops them and takes Lee away. Lee asks her is there is something going on between the two of them, to which she denies. She ends up feeling guilty about lying to Lee and goes back to Noah and tells him that they need to come clean that night and when Noah agrees he says that way he can take her to prom. They kiss but Lee ends up seeing it. Hurt, Lee attempts to leave his house but Elle tries to get him to talk before Noah intervenes and eventually get into a fight. After backing off, Lee leaves and Elle tells Noah to leave her alone. Elle was at a party at Noah and Lee house. so Elle was drunk and said ” Are a girl princess or a boy princess you smell good.” then she passes out. Elle And Lee had friendship rules and number nine was of the big ones was ” Relatives are totally off-limes.”

This rule is set for Elle not to fall in love with Lees older brother.But in all reality she does have a crush on Noah.

  Elle had kissed Lees older brother to raise money for school.

So Elle and Noah broke rule number nine. Noah and Elle started dating and hide it from Lee to protect Lee from getting hurt.

rising money and Noah kissed Elle for a fundraiser

Lee finds out that Elle and Noah are dating. Lee doesn’t take it very well. He get mad and trys to hit Noah. Noah gets Lee to calm down and then Lee runs to car and leaves Elle at his house. Elle starts crying and tells Noah I told you stay up stairs and to leave her alone.

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